Although they are still known as wood burning stoves, many of today’s best wood burning stoves can easily be adapted to use any solid fuel for their fire and this is something which is once again making them popular for heating a home. Obviously when the wood burning stoves could only use wood products as fuel, they were limited for use to people that had easy access to wood, even though wood pellets could be bought but, now that those that may only have access to peat or coal may also use them, they have of course become appealing to a larger audience. Although there are today many options when it comes to how you will heat your home, many people in Europe are still opting to use wood burning stoves and this popularity has grown in Italy to where one in every three homes uses a wood burning stove for providing its heat. These stoves still remain a big business as Italy alone now uses over 5 million and that of course prompts the manufacturers to try and keep coming up with even more efficient models. This company has a wide choice of original wood burning stoves in Newcastle and other places around England. One of the things that the manufacturers keep trying to improve on is the dampers that are used in the stoves. The damper is located in the air flow supply to the fire and regulates how much air the fire receives. It is the oxygen in the air supply that makes the fire burn and so the more air, or oxygen the fire receives, the hotter it burns. By reducing the flow of air to the fire, you will also lessen the amount of oxygen the fire receives and that will them lower its temperature. The damper then, is very important to the efficiency of the stove and as that can be improved on, so can the efficiency of the stove on a whole.

It isn’t just in Europe where more and more wood burning stoves are being used as, due to a recent study, many wood burning stoves are being provided by charities to homes where the only source of heating for the home comes from an open fire built inside the home. Although it has been known for many years that there are a great number of people that have to resort to open fires to keep their homes warm, it wasn’t known until the findings of a World health Organization (WHO) study showed it, that over 2 million people die each year because of these open fires. Perhaps surprisingly, it isn’t the fires that kill them; it is the build-up of smoke and fumes that kills them. This was a grave and unexpected finding and was what prompted charities and NGOs to start to provide wood burning stoves to these unfortunate families. In some cases the charities are using adobe instead of cast iron for the stoves as by doing so, they can provide more.


This article was originally sourced at whom from what i can see are doing great things through England!

Written by sarabradley