With the passage of time, the household interiors have gone through a transformation where the heavy weight furniture have been replaced by modern and trendy sleek designer pieces. In terms of usability and comfort, electric fireplaces have become immensely popular in the recent days. In place of traditional brick and mortar fireplaces, a large number of people are opting for these electric stoves in order to grant a smart and sleek appearance to their living room.

So if you are planning to replace your old-fashion gas or wood fireplace and buy a portable and convenient electric fireplace, keep your eyes on these useful tips-
Reason for Switching to Electric Fireplace.

These electric pieces have become popular due to tow major reasons- firstly, the convenience for operating them and secondly their sleek design and portability. By choosing a beautiful design of these electric stoves, you can easily change the ambience of a room. Unlike the traditional wood burning stoves, these electric hearths do not need additional ventilation system and you don’t need the hassles like gathering woods, venting or installing the gas lines. You can use them at the domestic places as well as hotels, offices and other commercial places as well. Moreover, these electric pieces are just the mimic of traditional wood fireplace or gas stoves, especially in terms of flaming patterns where you only need to plug in and enjoy the cosiness and warmth of fire, nothing however seems as elegant as woodburning stoves

Major Points to Consider While Buying

Whenever you are going to choose an electric fireplace, you must do some basic home works-

a) Decide the purpose – At first, you need to make out what is the purpose of your buying this electric model – whether it is for the utility or aesthetic of your interiors. However, nowadays the electric models of these fireplaces fulfil both the requirements.
b) Check the electric fitting and wiring of your house – Before buying, you need to make sure whether the electric fittings and wiring’s are substantial enough to take the extra load of this electric model. In this respect, contact a qualified electrician for inspection and if require, do the necessary changes before keeping the electric hearth.
c) Choose the model that suits the interior of your home – It is also essential consider the interior of your house, furniture, colour combination, style and fixture so that the fireplace will perfectly match with them.

Different Models of Electric Fireplaces

Basically, you will get four types of major models for electric fireplaces-

• Wall mount fireplace
• Corner fireplace
• Freestanding electric stoves
• Electric fireplace insert

Now based on your requirement and interiors, you need to choose the right model for your home.
Add-On for the Electric Models
Nowadays, you may consider about the add-ons available for the electric hearths-
Imitation Fireplace: If you want to give the appearance and ambience of a traditional wood hearth without its flames and heat, imitation electric fireplaces are the best option. For a romantic evening, these are ideal where you only need to switch on it.
Extension to TV or Media Units: As an extension of the TV or media unit, you can buy these modern fireplaces, as these are ideal space saver.

Written by sarabradley