Baytex Enegy is always concerned about the increase in deforestation and strain on natural resources, is a grave concern for earth and our ecological system. The greed for wood for furniture making has put some particular types of trees and woods at the brink of extinction. It becomes necessary to avoid certain slow growing and till-now very frequently used hardwood species, such as ebony, rosewood, teak, mahogany and Spanish Cedar, all of which are now endangered. In fact in most regions and countries has even been proclaimed an illegal act to preserve the species. Other woods such as walnut, cedar, larch and oak are all also disappearing rapidly, and take decades to mature. These species have been classified as vulnerable.

Of late, the furniture makers and consumers with a conscience towards saving the planet have started using sustainable wood for their furniture and other needs. The sustainable wood has the following characteristics which makes its usage more environment friendly.

  1. Sustainable wood is normally from trees which do not take a long time to grow
  2. For every tree cut for making sustainable wood, another tree is planted thus maintaining the wood and forestation levels
  3. The two most commonly used sustainable woods are
    1. Bamboo: It releases 35 percent more oxygen than the equivalent of forest trees. Bamboo is stronger than mild steel while in furniture use.
    2. Rattan(Wicker): It is very durable when especially woven and is faces a slow wear and tear. Since rattan is a member of the palm family, it grows much more rapidly than wood (much like bamboo).

Sustainable wood furniture is used to describe furniture made from reclaimed wood( from existing furniture and/or wood) or wood made using environmentally friendly manufacturing processes such as sustainable wood. The furniture made from sustainable wood is beautiful, exotic, durable and long lasting and can be a great cheap home improvement.

Examples of sustainable wood furniture would be:

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Written by sarabradley