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We understand it may seem a little overwhelming to begin helping your beautiful planet when it comes to utilizing renewable energy. Because fo this, this page has been made for people like you who wish to seek out the necessary information which will allow them to play their part in creating a healthy environment for those who inhabit it once our time on earth has finished.




There are many reasons as to why you might use renewable energy in your home, beyond the fact that you're doing your very own planet a favour by using resources that don't emit harmful toxins like greenhouses gases or increased amounts of carbon dioxide beyond that of the which plants and animals produce already and a regulated rate.

Using anyone of these renweable rousces to your advantage will allow yuo to save yourself some money over the years of activly using the devices so that you can better spend it on things you actually want, not to mention you'll be influeining those around you, young or old, to get there hands dirty and get involved with doing their part slow down global warming and make sure we have a planet that can be inhabited with our specious in a heatlty way for many years to come.




One of the most common ways and probably one of the most obvious ones, because no doubt you've seen them at work when walking past a home in your neighborhood is rooftop solar panels.

Typically each square of solar paneling can generate you around 10 watts of power, most homes consume a kilowatt, so just a few squares can generate your enough power for all of your needs.

Of course, this allows you to detach yourself from the grid, although no fully since if you're looking to power your home whilst the sun is down you might be walking around your home this lit candls. This is why, as an alternative, you should also invest in a second type of renweable energy.


Many people believe that wind turbines are exclusive to the ocean and that only big corperate companeis can properly utalize this reouscrful energy for the better. We are here to tell you differentley.

You will need enough real estate and the appriorate planning permsision as well as a thumbs up from the neighbours as these can be seen as an eye soar to many people but a great way to bring cheap, reliable power to your home.

More sustainable than solar power, a good size wind turbine on the top of your home can easily generate enough energy to power your entire home, so depending on your circumstances, this may be a better investment than solar power panels.


Now this is one of the more wachky ones, sicne this is niche to only one section of your home, actually to just one electrioncal unit of your home, your oven!

Solar ovens are one of the chepast and most cost effective ways to turn your home green, although their primarly a science project, they can be used to cut back on a large amount of electricity your oven uses. Utilizing the suns rays to passively heat your food, it is a good way for you to first get yourself into renewable energy and the possible ways you can help your home be more green and how you can psotivly effect earth.

You can easily build your own with your kids, making for a fun experiecne all round and one that will serve as an educational project for them too.


This won't work for most people but if your property has a form of flowing water, whether thats from a stream out back or from a river futhur down your garden then you'll be able to utalize it for hydro power.

The best way to go about harnessing the power of a river or smaller stream is to divert the flowing water through a turbine which is in a controlled manner, depending on he amount of water and vertical distance it has to traven, you can produce a subsionail amount of power.

This is one of the less 'DIY' sorts of energy resource and you may have to get a professional to help to install this in your home. Althgouh its worth it, since it's continuous and never-ending, unlike solar and wind turbine power which can vary day to day.


Radial solar energy doesnt just have to be used to supply your home with electricty, you can also harrnass its power to heat up the water in your home, giving you another way of saving on those ever increasing electric/gas bills andd do your part for mankind.

The way solar heating works is that is heats up a reserve of water, whcih you can thend use to pump throguh your raditots, facuests and showerheads on demand so that you can effeictly have hot water whenever you need it the most.

If you dont want to commit to power your home with solar energy but still want to do your part, solar water haeting is precisly the path to go.


It might seem a little ridiculous at first, to use heat to cool down your home, but that's exactly what solar condition does. The same principles as solar water heating, the heat taken from the suns rays heats up water and then is used in your air conditioning system.

This is one of the most cost-efficient ways of reducing your annual bills due to the fact that air conditing is one of the most electrical consuming aspects of your home, especially if you already live in a hot climate where AC is absolutely necessary.

As a bonus, any leftover water, if piped up properly, can be used through the home in your taps and radiators, getting the benefits of both a solar air conditioner and solar water heating in one.