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Walking in the night on the well-illuminated roads is an awesome feeling, isn’t it! And the beauty is doubled when we install the designer poles and beautiful lights over it. LED efficient solar-powered lights are better combination and companies that incorporate this technological edifice gives a message of shrewdness and clever strategy to the environment.

Thanks to the great advancement in solar panels, battery, and LED technologies, commercialized solar outdoor lighting pattern is more reliable than its grid-tied counterparts. It offers high-quality light at a much-reduced cost. To offer the right quantum of visibility, and security, solar street lights have to operate without any hindrance. This entails they should have components which are of high quality, battery, solar controller and LED lamp. 

Besides deciding on the design is imperative for making the smart choice for the smart solar street light system. Need is the selection of the solar street light that does not only look beautiful but also appears nice and decorative and meet the purpose.

Planning is very important to initiate the designing for illuminating the solar street light system, so here you go:

Find the area that requires street lights

Before starting with the initial layout phase, find out the length of the road that needs a street lighting system. This could either be on the narrow road that enters your society only a hundred feet in length or these could be wider roads? The length of the road determines the number of street lights that are necessarily required to cover the whole area.

Check if the electric grid is required

Find out if the electric grid is needed or you would call the power company to get the electric lines. If the electricity is required in the area, how much it would cost? It also depends on how far is the electricity grid from your area? This could be quite expensive.

Calculate your lighting needs

Find out how much lighting is required on the street? Are lights dark skies compliant or they have to be dusk to dawn compliant or for particular hours at night. Also, find out if the street lights get dim towards the middle of the night are still need enough lighting? These questions require answers before you make out how many lights you require for completing the project?

Look out for alternatives

The solar street lighting system has many options; you can seek for stand-alone, retrofit, centralized or portable street light systems.  Each type has different specifications so consider the lighting system which best fit your needs and goes with your budget.

Choose the Lighting Dome

The most imperative aspect to the lighting is the Lighting Dome. The main source of light can be as less than Tube Lights CFL Led Metal Halide Sodium Vapour, the lights which give reduced power consumption, but better brightness. Though you can find any unbranded products in the market, it is highly suggested to opt for a branded variety. The casing is also imperative as it should be waterproof, heatproof, and simple to clean and have high transparency. 

However, in the solar lighting system, the best is to use the LEDs which are the lighting sources and LED that offer much brighter light with less energy consumption. Its utilization is also less than the HPS which is used in traditional systems. In contrast to the other HD lamps, these lighting systems do not emit light in all directions. The output generation of the LEDs is little than the other lamps like compact fluorescent and incandescent lamps.

You have ample of choices in the solar street light systems like Beta Power 12 W Solar led system,  Amrut, Elite,   Delight Best 2019 Solar street light, IP67 High Power 60 Watt Led Solar Street light, 5W-120 W All in One Solar Led Street light. And there are many more.  All these lighting systems not only meet the purpose but also look beautiful when installed and meet the requisite purpose.

The solar street lights are also applicable for

•    Airport

•    Parking lots

•    Area Lighting

•    Highway roadway lighting

•    Street lighting

•    Security etc

To add to the beauty of the roads and increase its appeal and security, fix the lighting system that covers the whole area, taking into consideration light designs and other technical specifications, and overall your budget.

Summary: We need to enlighten the roads with the solar street light system, but how well we do it depends on various factors and of course our budget. In this article, we try to describe in brief what all we should keep in mind that could make the lighting system appropriate and best on the roads.

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