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Every person has a dream regarding his or her home. You may have done all the things to cater to your dream home. A well decorated basement with carpets, purchased after a long shop hopping, and also modern electronics gadgets, and well-arranged furniture might already have been arranged. However, do you know how much time will it take to turn your dream basement into a nightmare?

A heavy downpour or a disastrous snow-fall or any type of a cyclone with a heavy rain-fall may turn your dream into a nightmare. You would never want a situation like this, one which destroys or damages your completed basement by water-logging and subsequent mould growth. Read here how to prevent mould growth.

However, you do have a way to come out of this situation. You have to install a solar powered backup sump pump in your basement to keep your dream intact.


Now think, you have installed a sump pump and your basement flooded for any of the causes we said before. A sudden power cut in your area will bring about a problem as you can’t start your sump pump to dry your basement with all the costly items in it. However, you have a way to prevent a situation like this. Install a backup sump pump that runs with solar power and does not require the orthodox way of running on electricity. It is very easy to install solar panels which gain power from the sun.

Why solar powered sump pump?

  • Solar pumps are easy and cheap to maintain.
  • You can save more money as your electricity bill will be less than before.
  • In a remote area where main power line connection is time taking and costly, you can install solar panels to produce power of your own.
  • After initial installation charges there is no ongoing operating charges.
  • Solar powered sump pump are made of modular components. So parts can be easily swapped out and easily be upgraded.
  • It only takes a single weekend to be installed.

From the ancient times, people have used different technologies. In the 19th century, windmills were used by people for pumping water. Then the power grid connection became the necessity. As technology has upgraded gradually, it is now looking at ways to absorb less power from a grid. Sunlight is a great option and solar panels help produce power from sunlight. This power can be delivered to a sump pump.

How does solar powered sump pump works?

  • It takes power directly from sunshine (direct current) through solar panel.
  • The solar pump, solar panels and sensors all connect with the control unit without any soldering and produces power.
  • That power goes though wire to RPS Optimizer.
  • The low water sensor, connected to the Optimizer, starts work while water leakage anywhere in your basement occurs.
  • At the time of necessity, the sump pump starts its work automatically.

A solar powered sum pump can be a great backup source for draining out water during a power cut.

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Written by sarabradley