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logs burning

A woodburning stove is one of the most common ways to make a home sustainable. It…

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Eco Friendly Home Improvement

It is necessary to improve our old homes in eco-friendly ways. Sometimes renovating a home might…

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wooden off grid home in the woods

How To Make Your Home More Sustainable

Today many people prefer sustainable homes to conventional homes. With a radically changing environment, there is…

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LED street light system with dome

Walking in the night on the well-illuminated roads is an awesome feeling, isn’t it! And the beauty…

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Sustainable Wood In Furniture Making

Baytex Enegy is always concerned about the increase in deforestation and strain on natural resources,…

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Wood is a renewable source of energy, as it is a source of biomass. And biomass, if considered to…

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Today, there are several real estate projects that can be found. Either in the urban or rural, these projects…

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What are solid fuel stoves

Although they are still known as wood burning stoves, many of today’s best wood burning stoves can easily be…

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With the passage of time, the household interiors have gone through a transformation where the heavy weight furniture have…

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